World Map of Climate Change Conversations on Twitter

Comparing how countries tweet about topics related to climate change.

The dark-colored countries tweeted comparatively more about the topic, when tweeting about climate change, which does not necessarily mean they had the highest volume of tweets about that topic. The country rankings are created by calculating the proportion of tweets that the topic in question takes up out of all the climate change related tweets from each country. The highest ranking country within each topic (rank #1) is the country with the highest percentage of climate related tweets in that topic.

Only around 2% of the tweets analyzed contain data about the geographic location at which they were written. However, sometimes users state their location in their profile. Therefore, when you combine geo-location data with profile location, it is possible to locate approximately half of the analyzed tweets—enough data to create a map where most countries in the world are represented. All three languages are represented in the same map.

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  • Agriculture/Forestry
  • Arctic
  • Economy
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  • Oceans/Water
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  • Risk/Disaster
  • Weather